Housing costs have spiked in some states, prompting lawmakers to consider how to address them.

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to require a 10% price increase on all homes built before 2020.

That would include $1,000 for every new home built in 2017.

It would also require builders to report the cost of building and maintain new housing, including on their websites.

The House also approved a measure that would require a $10,000 annual subsidy for those buying new homes.

It has no date yet, but the House will consider the bill in the next few weeks.

House Democrats have criticized the bill for not doing enough to help families buy homes and are looking for ways to do that in the Senate.

“We’ve had too many folks struggling,” Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., said during a House floor speech last week.

Democrats want to increase the federal Housing and Urban Development subsidy that helps low-income families buy and rent a home, and they also want to allow states to expand it.

It is not clear whether Congress will pass a version of the $10-a-month housing assistance law before the end of the year.

As a result, the U.S. House has until Jan. 11 to pass a bill.

It is also unclear whether Democrats will try to extend the $1.8 trillion stimulus bill that President Obama signed last year.

That measure would allow states, localities and private insurers to borrow money to help rebuild and revitalize the economy.

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