New Trump administration plan to create ‘more productive and more productive workplaces’

Trump’s administration is proposing to create “more productive workplaces” by expanding the scope of government contracts and using the National Labor Relations Board to bring more workers together.

The proposal, unveiled by the White House on Tuesday, calls for creating a National Labor Contract Administration (NLRB) to help enforce contracts for workers in private companies.

The White House said the NLRB would be a “new, unified and permanent agency dedicated to promoting workplace democracy and protecting fair and equal treatment under the law, and to ensure that workers in all industries are protected from unfair employment practices.”

Trump’s plan calls for “more contracts and more jobs,” but critics have said the administration is taking a step backward to a time when it’s easy to hire cheap labor, particularly in high-tech industries.

The Trump administration has made hiring cheaper and easier, but the effort to create more jobs has also been controversial.

In April, a federal appeals court overturned Trump’s attempt to use the NLB to enforce his controversial travel ban.

The ruling, in a case that will be heard by the Supreme Court, held that Trump had violated the constitutional separation of powers by using the agency to enforce a travel ban on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

A federal judge in California on Monday blocked Trump’s revised ban.

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