Australian Natural Building Materials Supplier To Be Named in ‘World of Tomorrow’

Posted May 02, 2020 09:07:56AUSTRALIA’S largest building company will be named in the World of Tomorrow film as part of a bid to highlight the importance of natural building technology.

The company will join the list of companies that have been named in an Australian documentary titled The World of Building: An Australian Perspective.

In a statement, the company said it was delighted to have been chosen to appear in the film and would be proud to represent the company on the film.

“Natural building materials are one of the most important technologies for our society today, with a global market worth billions of dollars,” the statement read.

“It is the responsibility of the builders and architects of the future to ensure that the materials that we build are sustainable and resilient to climate change, to maintain our communities and our communities will be resilient to future challenges.”‘

The World of Today’ is scheduled to be released in Australia on August 23.