By LUCY JONES-WALKER, News24 EditorA building materials company is hoping that people will donate their own building material in an effort to help pay for its costs.

The company, Allied Building Materials, has set up an online donation page, and people can make a donation for just £3 for each kilo of its building materials.

The firm said the aim is to build an online community where people can donate their building materials as they choose.

The project has already received a lot of support, with more than 600 people donating more than £15,000 to pay for the company’s costs.

“The amount of people who have made a contribution to help the company pay its bills and support the team and the company is just incredible,” said manager of business development at Allied Building Material, Stephen Tait.

“It’s really important to keep up the momentum for this project, because we are really excited about what we have achieved so far.”

We are still at the very early stages and it’s very much a start, but the project is really going to be a really long-term project.

“Mr Tait said the company was not just focusing on the building industry but also on helping people to help their local community.”

In the last few years we’ve realised that there is a whole new class of building materials coming out,” he said.”

This is a new class and we are seeing people come up with new ideas and ideas are coming from the building materials industry.

“So we think that this is a really important way of helping people, and hopefully we can keep people engaged with building materials.”

The company is building a large warehouse to store all of its construction materials.

“Our aim is really to provide a service to the people who use the building material, and we think this is really a good way of doing that,” Mr Tait told News24.

“I think the people we have come in contact with have really been really supportive and we really appreciate the support that we have received so far.”

Mr Shilling said he thought the money would be a great incentive for people to donate.

“As a community we really value the support of others, so it’s a really great way to help out and give back,” he told News12.

“If you have a business that you think might benefit from it, I think the community will be a good place to start.”

A number of other building materials companies have also set up their own crowdfunding page, offering up to £1,000 in donations to help fund the project.

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