The city of Toronto, which has been trying to get its first affordable housing building built for over a decade, is planning to build more affordable housing by using more affordable materials.

That’s the idea behind the new building materials program launched by the city and the provincial government.

According to the city, the materials it uses are made by companies like Kaleidoscope, who are well-known for their work on building materials and for their “outdoor design.”

And that’s where the new materials come in.

They’re used for things like exterior finishes, which is where you’ll see it most often, said city spokesperson Meghan MacDonald.

That includes glass, which makes up the majority of the city’s materials, but it also includes metal.

There are also other materials that are not considered in the building materials category.

“There are a lot of materials that we’re not using because we don’t have enough of them in our city,” said MacDonald.

“It’s a good opportunity to have a little bit of that material that we don, to have more of it in the city.”

While the city is using materials like plywood and plywood board for exterior finishes and windows, the city also uses a mix of metal and plastic.

This includes the new concrete wall material.

The city says it is also using steel and other materials to build its existing high-rise buildings.

The new materials are meant to make buildings look more affordable.

For example, the walls and floors of many buildings are made from glass.

The City of Toronto says the materials they are using are made using a mix between steel and glass.

It is also a good way to build affordable housing, said MacDonald, but not for everyone.

“We’re not talking about building a big house, but we’re talking about affordable housing that’s not expensive to build,” she said.

She also said the city plans to offer a more affordable way for people to pay for the building they’re designing.

The program will be rolled out over the next few months, starting with new city buildings and the old city buildings that are still being built.

“In the city of Vancouver, for example, we have a number of high-rises that are going up that are also going to be accessible to people that have disabilities,” said Macdonald.

“So the new city building materials are designed to be designed for people that are able-bodied and we’ll work with them to make sure they’re as accessible as possible.”

The program is one part of the broader effort by the government to address affordability in Toronto.

In a statement to CBC News, the government says it will be introducing new legislation this year that will help ensure that all housing units are affordable.

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