The building materials industry has been a cornerstone of American innovation, but today it is a technology bubble.

A handful of companies have sprung up to offer a new and more affordable alternative to the expensive and labor-intensive processes required to make these materials.

But there is also a growing demand for the cheaper materials.

And to meet it, there is an urgent need to find new, innovative ways to assemble the building materials.

Here is how one of those new methods works.

CAROLINE BUILDERS MAGAZINES: The material is cut, welded together, then assembled in a kiln.

It’s essentially like making bricks.

That’s all you do.

That is what happens in the manufacturing process.

The key difference here is that this kiln is not a traditional oven.

It does not use a heat exchanger.

Instead, the heat is passed through a high temperature steel mesh that can be cut to make the material.

CARLINE BUILDER: The metal is heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

That creates an extremely low amount of friction.

And it actually does the job quite well.

It really is like welding.

It just takes a little bit more effort to get the material to adhere.

But it does it.

And this is the best way to make materials.

This is the most economical way to do it.

Now, this is what you would expect to see.

That would be the standard.

But now you have a new company out there who’s doing this by using a new technique.

They’re using a combination of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and polyester.

CARLY WOOLWORTH: And that’s the thing that’s so exciting about it.

It actually works.

It can be made from just about any kind of material.

And that includes the stuff you would normally see in your local hardware store.

CARLI WOOLWARTH: I think we are seeing a new way to build and sell buildings.

We’re seeing this new way of thinking about materials, manufacturing, the way we make products.

And I think that’s really the key to our success.

Now that we’ve been able to look at the materials that are made in our buildings and what they can do, I think people have a really great idea about what we can build with them.

So, this could be a big deal for us.

But we’ve got to be very careful.

We have to make sure that we can do it in a way that’s sustainable, that’s environmentally responsible.

And we have to be sure that this is not going to be a problem.

This will be a part of our fabric for the rest of our lives.

CARLO BARRA: This is Carlo Barra, the vice president for technology at the National Building Industry Association.

He says we’ve already got the best materials on the market.

Now it’s up to us to make a more effective use of them.

The industry has spent the last 50 years trying to build the perfect building material.

But a few of the most recent innovations have gone awry.

CARLOS BARRA, NBERI: So if you’re a real estate agent, you’re looking for a particular building material that will go on top of a building.

CARLES WOOLWINDS: So we’ve done our best to design this material so that it can be built from any type of material that you can get.

CARLETON BARRA-MCCARTHY: We can’t just build a building from a set of materials.

We’ve got a lot of different materials in the world.

And those are the building material requirements, the structural building material, the materials used in the roofing, the exterior paint, the plumbing.

So you could be looking at a number of different building materials and different types of buildings, and then, you know, if you have the right combination, you can make it, and you can also get great performance.

CARLIN WOOLWELL: It’s a great thing to have the material in there.

It creates a very good finish on the concrete.

CARRICINA BUILER: I love this stuff.

CARALINA BUYERS MAGIC: This material is amazing.



CARBEN WOOLMILLER: It looks really nice.

CARLINE WOOLSWORTH: We’re going to use this material, and we’re going with a material that’s very easy to work with.

CARO BARRA -MCCARRTHY, NATIONAL BUILDER ASSOCIATION: It is, to put it simply, a really good material.

You can work with it