A new blockchain is changing the way people buy and sell their old buildings.

It’s a blockchain where the blockchain allows anyone with a smart phone to securely store information about a building, such as whether it’s on the market, the price paid, and other details.

A building materials company, Skyscraper, is the company behind the technology.

The company says it’s the first in the country to use the technology to sell its old building material.

“The real potential here is to provide people with more value for the money they’re investing in old building technology, and also give them a way to be more involved in the economy,” said Daniel Perna, co-founder and CEO of Skyscaper.

The company, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York City, says it wants to sell people the value of their old building parts and furniture.

It has built its technology around a smart contract that gives buyers a direct link to an individual who has a specific contract.

Perna said the idea behind the smart contract is to prevent people from trying to steal the building parts from someone else.

It also provides a way for a buyer to quickly verify the value or authenticity of a building part or a piece of furniture, he said.

It can be a pain in the butt to find and buy used building materials.

Pernah said he’s seen people buy furniture from Craigslist or eBay and then sell it on eBay.

It takes an average of two to three weeks for the building materials to be sold.

Skyscraper says it can handle that by tracking the transaction and sending out notifications about the sale to buyers.

It uses the same technology that powers the e-commerce site Amazon to track the purchase.

Skills in the blockchain, including proof of ownership, prove the buyer is the owner of a piece.

If someone has access to a piece, it’s just like owning a piece in a store.

Skyspy says it also has a partnership with the Seattle Housing Authority to offer housing to people who live in apartments with no windows.

Parna said they’ve been able to sell used apartment units that were previously for sale to people living in rental housing in the city.

Parna says it is looking at the possibility of allowing more people to buy their old home parts and furnishings.

It says it has a program that will sell building materials directly to people that live in the same area.

It is also working on building parts for new projects.

Parna said the company plans to create a service that will provide the tools to build new projects and make sure they are environmentally sustainable.

It plans to sell building parts in real time to anyone with an e-mail address and a phone number.

It says it will also allow people to send photos of their new homes and make them available for viewing online.

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