A family of four living in Florida’s Florida Keys will soon be able to enjoy the outdoors thanks to a new structure built by architects from The Institute for Building Science in Orlando.

The $6.4 million project was funded by the Florida Keys Preservation Trust, which is part of the state’s Department of Natural Resources.

The foundation’s plan is to turn a vacant lot into an outdoor space for four people, each with a terrace.

The structure, which will be constructed with recycled materials, will be a combination of an indoor terrace and a garden.

The first step in the project will be installing the roof, which has a diameter of six feet.

The building will be used for outdoor cooking, gardening and other activities, as well as to house the family’s pet.

“This is not a normal house,” said co-founder and principal architect Alex Lofgren, a master of architecture with The Institute of Building Science.

“We don’t have a kitchen, so this is a very modern structure that will provide the perfect balance between living and living in the garden.”

The structure will have windows that will allow natural light to reach the terrace, and will also allow people to view the surrounding countryside.

The new structure will be built on a slope of 2.5 feet, allowing for an excellent view of the surrounding area.

The landscape of the Florida Peninsula will be transformed when the project is completed.

The foundation plans to use reclaimed materials from a nearby farm and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to construct the structure.

Construction of the structure will begin in 2020 and is expected to be complete in 2021.

The institute’s plans are to open a permanent site for outdoor activities by 2022.

The architects say they will begin construction on the first phase of the project this year.

The Florida Keys’ preservation trust hopes the project can inspire other communities to follow their lead.

“It’s a fantastic idea that can have an enormous impact on our community,” said Trust Executive Director Bill McCutcheon.

“The trust is working with the Institute of the Building Science to help create a sustainable outdoor experience for all of us.”

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