The Bayview Tower is an example of a skyscraper that is being redeveloped and could be worth millions of dollars.

Its owners are hoping to turn it into a luxury apartment building, and they have already spent millions of their own money on renovations.

The project is in its early stages and there is a lot of money at stake.

But a new report says that the cost of materials and construction could be far more expensive than it appears.

The tower has received $1.4 billion in federal and state funding.

It’s currently under construction and will be completed by 2021.

The city of San Francisco is looking to spend $250 million to $350 million to renovate the structure, which is owned by San Francisco developer David Zucman.

The cost of those renovations has not been determined.

In a new analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics, the nonprofit think tank, the analysis estimated that the total cost of the tower would be about $1 billion, including the $1,500 a month rent that the tenants would be paying.

The rent would be a fraction of what the building was valued at before the renovation.

But the analysis also estimated that construction would be nearly twice as expensive.

That means that in order to build the tower, the city would need to spend at least $2.6 billion on the project.

And the amount of that would likely be much more than the $500 a year rent the tenants are paying.

“The city would likely need to build more than $2 billion in a few years to cover the project’s costs, which will add to the city’s long-term debt burden,” the report said.

A new report by the Center For Responsive Finance estimates that a $1 million renovation to the Bayview Building could cost $5.5 million per year.

That is far more than what the tower’s developers and developers would be able to pay.

It is also far less than the city of SF’s own estimate that the renovation could cost about $5 billion.

San Francisco officials have spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars on renovations to the buildings, which were built in the 1940s.

A $1 per month rent for the building is much more expensive today than it was in the 1980s.

And as the report shows, the rent for rent could be much higher in the future.

For more than a decade, developers and construction firms have been working on the Bayviews project.

The developers want to convert the former headquarters of the San Francisco Giants into a residential tower that will feature luxury condos.

The plan is to add a luxury hotel to the building.

It has been rumored that the hotel would cost $10 million per floor.

The Bayview project is one of the largest redevelopment projects in the city.

In the past, developers have used the money to renovating a lot that was once a warehouse and a post office, and to build apartments and condos.

But the developers want the Baytown tower to be a luxury building.

In addition to the $5 million rent the developers would have to pay to the tenant, the project also has to pay for the city to fix up the tower and replace all the pipes and electrical wiring that are now in the tower.

And because the tenants will be paying a fraction, the developers will have to build a much larger, more expensive project to finish the project, according to the report.

While the developers may be able the project will eventually pay off, the report says they would have no way of knowing how much that might be.

In addition, the study says that any construction costs will be borne by the tenants of the Bay View Tower.