A building-materials supplier in Texas says it has been contracted to build the home of the Catholic Church for a church carpenters’ group in Oklahoma.

According to the Texas Home Builders Association, the building materials suppliers are being contracted to help build a church on the property in Tarrant County, and will be the largest church-related building ever built in the United States.

The home, which is being built for a local Catholic organization called the Episcopal Archdiocese of Texas, is expected to be finished in 2020.

Archdiocese spokesperson Dr. Thomas Perna told the Associated Press that the home will be used to house parishioners and other parishioner groups during the winter.

The cathedral will be open to the public, he said.

Archbishop Charles Chaput was a co-founder of the Episcopal Church.

In an interview with the AP, Pernal said the cathedral is being used as a community center.

“There are people that live in the parish and they come and visit the cathedral, and they’re invited to come to the cathedral,” he said, “and the parish is also in a position to offer the parish community space and services that are important to the parish.”

The cathedral, located in a historic downtown Houston neighborhood, will be renovated in 2020 with a $1.5 billion cost of more than $3 billion.

It will house a cathedral, the National Cathedral, a chapel, and an auditorium.

Architects from the National Archdiocesan Architectural Foundation designed the new home, and a $100 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development was used to complete the project.

The cathedral is located at the corner of South Main and Westheimer, about one mile from downtown.