Construction workers in Queensland’s Pilbara are getting a rude reception when they come home from their daily shift.

Key points:Construction workers have been given an “accommodation” to stay for a day in their local town while they wait for the Queensland Government to approve a construction contract for the road to be built.

Construction workers are being paid $50 per day to stay at the local community for a full day while waiting for the state Government to issue the contract.

A contract for a road to connect the Pilbara to Brisbane’s main airport is expected to be approved by the Queensland government within the next week.

But when the local residents are finally allowed to return to their homes, the “co-op” workers are facing a new form of indignity, with the workers receiving a $50 “acconcipation” per day, which is a bit like having a cold sore.

“We’re a bunch of bitches.

It’s just a little treat,” one worker told the ABC.

Another worker said the locals would be treated as “second-class citizens” because they were “all just workers” and that “everyone’s here for a job”.

“This is what we do for a living,” said another worker.

“It’s just disgusting.

It doesn’t make any sense,” said a third worker.

Construction worker Nick Tumminello told the Queensland Courier-Mail that the locals had been treated “very badly” by the construction contractors.

“The locals are getting an accommodation for a night,” he said.

“If they can get a little bit more comfortable with the locals then they can stay for two or three nights.”

They’re just being treated like second-class people.

“The Pilbara has long been plagued by road construction and traffic congestion.

The area has long struggled with traffic and has long suffered from poor quality road conditions.

Construction is expected on the new airport to be completed by 2026.

Construction contracts are normally awarded in three stages: construction start, design and approval.”

All we’re doing is taking the best of what we have and putting in new roads and bridges and all the rest of the stuff that we can,” Mr Tuminello said.

The local residents have been told to “stay for a while”.”

We have to get used to it, it’s going to be tough, and we’ve had enough,” he added.

The project is expected cost $1.9 billion.

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