You can find and recycle many different kinds of rubbish, but sometimes it’s hard to know which is what.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do when you’ve got a bit of leftover junk in your house.

If you have any tips for finding waste or recycling it below.1.

Make sure your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom are clean, dry, and sanitary.2.

Clean up any debris that may be left behind from cleaning the kitchen, or when you have a big event.3.

Clean the floors of your home if there are holes in the floor or ceiling.4.

Clean carpets, carpets of all sizes, floors, and furniture before putting it in storage or recycling.5.

Clean your bathroom and showers if there’s any dust or mold on them.6.

Clean toilets and sinks before putting them in storage.7.

Take your carpets and carpets in for washing and washing machine replacement if they are dirty.8.

Clean out any debris you find.9.

Check out any of the rubbish bins you may have in your garage.

If it has a recycling sticker on it, it could be good for you.10.

If there is any litter or debris left behind in the kitchen or dining room you should dispose of it.11.

If your garden is damaged, check it regularly to see if there is a chance it could have been left behind.12.

Use the garbage disposal if it’s in a location where you can’t easily dispose of the waste.13.

If possible, clean your garage to ensure it is safe for recycling.14.

Check if your neighbours are using the bins in the same area as you.

If you are a charity or you work for a charity, we’d love to hear about how you have used the bins, and what you found.

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