Building materials dumpster in downtown Seattle turns into a makeshift theater

Building materials is a growing trend for Seattle businesses.

But one that’s becoming increasingly popular is an abandoned dumpster.

The dumpster on the west side of Broadway and E Olive Way is home to a local artist, a nonprofit, and a small group of people who are trying to put the dumpster to good use.

For the last few years, they’ve been gathering in the dumpsters for fun.

Their efforts are working: It’s been turned into a space to promote art, art education, and even music and theater, according to Kristin Lusardi, one of the organizers.

The dumpster is filled with discarded and discarded clothing, as well as clothing from a number of other organizations.

Lushardt says it’s been filled with things like t-shirts, jeans, shirts, and pants from groups of friends.

It also has been filled for food donations.

Lusardi and her group are currently collecting items and organizing them into a program to raise funds for an arts-and-crafts festival.

The event was planned for the spring of 2021.

It was to be held in the space formerly occupied by the Dumpster Theatre, which had become a space for local artists and their supporters to gather and show off their work.

Lussardi said that the organization, which is called the City of Downtown Seattle Arts & Crafts Project, will be holding the event on March 14.

They hope to have a new venue in place for the festival to take place, and then they hope to host other art and craft fairs and events to raise money for their projects.

But they’re also hoping to have the dump to themselves.

Lussardi has been looking to find a place that could fit the space, and was approached by the Seattle Public Library.

She said that since the library has a number different buildings, the idea of turning the dump into a creative space seemed appealing.

The Library has been helping to find an appropriate location to put up a temporary venue, and has been working with the art and crafts community to find the right space.

She also said that she was able to secure a permit from the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections to move forward with the project.

The group has also been working to organize the community to help raise funds, and the organizers have started collecting donations.

Luster said they will have a cash donation page up for donations, and they hope that the money will help pay for the cost of cleaning and cleaning supplies.

The Seattle Public library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports and promotes education, community engagement, and cultural preservation.

The organization provides free, online library services to low-income students and families.

They also offer programs for people who have disabilities.

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