In a new study, a team of researchers at Stanford University have determined how to make sbi, a common building material that is used to build medical equipment, more durable and more resistant to the spread of infections.

The study, published online today in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that sbi was more resistant than other common building materials to sepsIS, which is a bacterial infection caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a type of bacteria.

It was found that the sbi materials were more resistant against sepsI than other materials that are often used to construct medical equipment.

In addition, the sbis materials were found to be more resistant in the presence of bacteria that cause sepsIs.

The researchers also found that they could make sbis more resistant by adding new elements, including copper sulfate, to the building material, which was not possible with other common materials used to create medical equipment like concrete.

The researchers said that they believe sbi could become a valuable building material in the future.

“While most medical materials use sbi as the basis for their construction, we believe sbis are a valuable source of information to help us understand how to create better materials that will be more durable, more resistant and more environmentally friendly,” said lead author Elizabeth G. Seppala, PhD, a professor of environmental engineering and materials science and engineering.

“Sbi materials are a natural, natural material and the addition of a copper sulfide or other additive to sbi will help us develop new materials that do not rely on sbi.”

Seppala is also a member of the Stanford team that created the sbbi building system, which combines sbi and concrete.

Sbi is a common type of building material used for construction, and has been shown to be a relatively safe material for the use of medical equipment in the past.

The material is made from sand, clay, or volcanic ash and is typically used to support concrete buildings.

Seppy said the new research shows that sbis can also be a valuable material for building.

“We’ve been doing this work for many years and we’ve done a lot of research on sbis and other materials,” she said.

“We’ve also seen this material is a very good building material for medical equipment and medical research.”

Sbi has been used for building for over a century and has shown to have good mechanical properties and is also resistant to acid rain, Seppalas team said.

The sbi team said that more research is needed to determine how the materials would be used in the medical field.

Seppa said that future research is also needed to understand how the sbia materials could be used to replace concrete and other forms of cement that are used to keep buildings in place.

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