Construction company in fire in Boston building materials report finds ‘a little bit of truth’

In a report by Boston Construction Reports, the company that made the report found “a little more truth” than the company previously claimed.

“Based on the available information, we have identified a potential fire hazard in the building materials supply chain,” said the company in the report.

“This could have an impact on the future production of building materials.”

The report said that the company’s “current inspection policy does not include any safety requirements” and that the “safety of our customers is our highest priority.”

The report did not address whether or not the company is currently working to correct the situation.

“We’re committed to making sure our suppliers are safe,” a spokesperson for Boston Constructionreports told Business Insider.

“There is no change to our existing safety protocols for building materials suppliers and the company remains committed to providing the highest quality building materials at the lowest possible cost.”