Which building materials are available for sale at Costco?

In a Costco warehouse in New York City, the materials are mostly for the home.

But it’s not for everyday use.

“They are for the people who want to be home,” said one of the warehouse’s managers, Joseph Pascuzzo, adding that the material is for people who need to keep their house warm.

“There are also materials for people with special needs,” he said.

“People are looking for materials for things like blankets, and we can’t make those,” he added.

The materials are for people to use for their home and for their families.

But Costco’s warehouse manager said the materials could be used for other purposes.

“It can be used to build a shed, a roof, a house, or anything you can think of, if it has the right materials,” he told ABC News.

“When it comes to home furnishing, it could be for a kitchen, it can be for bathroom, it’s for a shower, it might be for washing clothes,” he continued.

“So it’s really up to the buyer.”

The materials were first discovered in a Costco store in 2014.

“We have a lot of people in the warehouse that come in and ask for materials, and then they just come back and they don’t have any,” said Pascizzo.

When ABC News asked for an explanation for the lack of supply, Costco responded by saying that the materials were not for sale.

The warehouse manager did not return ABC News’ calls for comment.

Costco has been working to improve the supply of building materials.

Last year, Costco started providing a list of materials that are available online.

The company has also created an online tool that lets customers check out what they can purchase for their homes and the materials they can use.

In December, Costco announced that it would be rolling out a new tool called Home Furnishings Warehouse.

The tool will include materials from the warehouse, and is expected to launch in the spring.

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