New Zealanders have the right to take the home they love out of a landfill and sell it on for a profit, the Ministry of Primary Industries says.

“It’s about being responsible, making sure that the environment is protected and not putting a burden on businesses,” Environment Minister Jacinta Allan said.

The state government has created a new waste management program, called Rebuild, to help businesses avoid waste, but the government says the scheme is not comprehensive.

Ms Allan said Rebuild is not designed to replace landfill waste but instead aims to address the issues of how to deal with it and how to dispose of it in a safe and responsible way.

Rebuild is available to businesses and residents through a new website, which includes a list of waste management options for each property.

It is the government’s first new waste-management program since the Government announced in December it would scrap the Landfill Management Authority and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Under the new system, businesses and tenants are required to have a plan to dispose and reuse their homes.

The ministry said it will issue more details of the program in due course.

Ms Allan, who was a member of the Landfills Council of New Zealand, said there was “a huge demand for recycled materials” and said she hoped the program would attract business.

“This is a huge opportunity for us to get recycling in our communities,” she said.

“It is a great opportunity to support businesses and to provide a safe environment.”

Ms McKenzie said the program was “one of the largest initiatives” to be undertaken in the country by the government.

She said ReBuild would be available to all businesses that use the Ministry’s landfill system and that the program had been designed to “help businesses and consumers understand what is required”.

“We will be working with the business and the consumer to find out what they need to do to do that and then we will get them into that process,” she added.