This is a very simple DIY project that can be done in less than an hour or two and requires a basic knowledge of building materials and basic knowledge in electrical work.

Building Materials Makers is a new website dedicated to the making of home-use building materials for people looking to build something new.

The site is available in English and French, and the video is in Spanish.

The project was first announced last year.

Building materials makers, an initiative from the Makerspace Foundation, has been using the site to create an online collection of resources to help home-buyers and builders get started with building materials.

They’re calling the collection “The Basics”.

In the video below, we’re going to show you how to build the house that we want using a couple of basic building materials: wood, and concrete.

You can learn more about the building materials, and we’ll walk you through the process of making our house, in the video.

The Basics Building materials Makers has a few resources that are available online for building materials beginners, but we wanted to show the world how easy it is to build your own house using these materials.

Building Material Makers offers several tutorials on how to make basic home-building materials, including a guide on how you can make a kitchen, a garage, a basement, a laundry room, and more.

You’ll need: wood or concrete – wood for the foundation, and some wood for a roof, for example.

You will need a roof that is at least a few metres high.

You should also be able to build out a kitchen using wood.

The base materials are: two-foot strips of plywood or a similar thick board.

You may use any number of these boards to make the floor and ceiling.

Wood or stone or brick – For the walls.

A large piece of timber (a log) is best, as is at most four to six inches thick.

If you don’t have a log, you can use the wall that you already have lying around.

You need to be able lay the board flat and then use a small screwdriver to cut it.

You might need to make a few small cuts to make sure it’s all square, as well.

A big piece of oak is a good choice for the top and sides.

If using a log or a slab, use the base boards.

If not, use your hands to cut the boards.

For the roof, you’ll want to cut strips of 1.5 to 2.5 centimetres thick.

These should be made from the top of the board, and then be cut around the edges.

You could also use a strip of wood that’s about 1.4 centimetre wide.

You also need to cut out the side of the roof.

You don’t need to have a roof over the house.

You just need a square piece of ply.

A piece of 2.75 to 3.75 centimetrees long is also fine.

If it’s too long, use some of the wood around the edge of the top board to make it shorter.

You’re done.

The video below shows you how you should cut out and make your first house.

The basics The Basics Video by Makers on Vimeo.

You only need to work with one piece of wood.

You want to use a big piece.

We cut it into strips, so it looks like this.

This is the edge.

Cut the board down about 1 centimetral.

Now we want to make this the top.

Cut out a strip.

It looks like a bit of a triangle here.

Cut a strip about 1/8 inch long.

We’re cutting a piece of two to three centimetures wide.

Cut this out to make one side.

Cut another strip about one-third of an inch wide.

Put a couple pieces of plywoods (or other thin boards) on the outside and a piece on the inside of the piece.

Now you’re finished.

Now, you’re going get a roof.

The next step is to cut some tiles and trim them to fit the house with the best possible size for the roof you want.

This will take a little more time.

To make your roof, cut a strip from the board.

Cut an inch from the outside edge of that strip.

Cut one inch from that strip and make a cut about one quarter inch wide (about the same size as the top strip).

Cut a half inch from this cut.

Cut four strips from that cut and cut a quarter inch from each strip.

This should give you four strips of about one centimetree each.

Make your roof as tight as you can.

It will be a little tight, but you don.t need to go too far.

Now put this piece of sheet metal on top of your piece of lumber.

You still need a few strips, but this is the best way to get a nice roof.

It’s very sturdy and should

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