AUSTIN — The Texas Association of Realtors’ (TAR) Building Materials Division said Wednesday it had found no evidence that Arizona building materials are hazardous.

The division, a trade association representing a growing number of local builders, said it was aware of concerns about building materials used by developers.

In a statement, the trade group said it has been working with the state to investigate the matter.

TAR Director David Burden said the association’s own laboratory tests found no hazardous materials and the association “has been in close contact with the State and the Arizona Department of Health regarding the potential health and environmental impacts associated with this material.”

The association said it will conduct a formal inspection of the building materials at a later date.

The TAR said the materials tested for “high” or “high-hazard” levels of cadmium, lead, chromium, aluminum and steel.

The association’s investigation comes after a series of high-profile incidents involving Arizona building material.

The Arizona Republic reported in September that state regulators found a high-level cadmion at the home of an investor who was trying to build a condominium on a vacant lot in downtown Phoenix.

The building materials inspector, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and a Phoenix fire department investigated.

The Associated Press reported last month that the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office discovered a cadmious sample in the roof of a home in Tempe.

In that case, the fire marshal’s office said the samples were tested for cadmiotic contaminants.