When a group of young people in Worcester, Massachusetts, found themselves in the position of having to decide whether to build their own house or renovate an old house, the decision was difficult.

The two-story beacon at the corner of South and Main Streets in Worcester is owned by the community, and is home to a family that has been living there for nearly a decade.

But in the past year, the house has gone through a number of changes.

The family was told they couldn’t use it for anything other than a temporary home until the community decided whether to sell the house.

They were told they could not take any part in the process of getting the property registered and sold the property to the community.

The family said they are hoping to make the decision about whether to move into the new home, which is slated to be a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home that will be located in the historic Worcester City Hall area.

The Beacon was built in 1867, according to the Worcester Housing Authority, and was a beacon built to give light to the area that the city calls the “City of Worcester.”

The Beacon is a house that was originally built as a home for the Worcester City Council, and it is currently occupied by a member of the City Council.

The community is looking to buy the Beacon, which was originally known as the Beacon Hill House.

The Beacon was constructed on the site of the old Worcester City Court House.

The city said that the Beacon was the first home to be built in the city of Worcester.

They also said that this house is the first building that was ever listed on the Boston and Worcester Real Estate Boards.

The owner of the Beacon said that they have been very happy with the property.

“It’s been a great experience, I’m very proud of the work that we’ve done,” said Chris Beavers, the Beacon owner.

“I’m really happy to be able to keep the Beacon house and put it in a place where I can be proud of that.”

He said he has been working to find a new home for years, and has been looking to renovate it for a while.

“We have an opportunity now, we can really start to make a difference in Worcester,” Beavers said.

“I think this is a really good opportunity for us to make that a possibility, and I’m really excited about it.”