Why the best costume building material isn’t actually in the costume

The National Review’s Scott Dworkin has some interesting things to say about costumes in his latest article, “A Suitcase of Hacks.”

The article was written with the help of several of his guests, including comedian and creator Seth Meyers, to promote his new podcast, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

He starts with a description of the “most beautiful of the modern costumes” and how he and his guests came to this conclusion.

“In the late ’90s, a costume designer called Michael Aronson began working with some of the best and most talented designers in the industry, including designer Peter Beardsley and costume designer Tony Moly.

They had this idea for this beautiful piece of jewelry that was just perfect for the wedding day.

And so they started thinking, why not build a suitcase?” 

The suitcase was the first of a kind for the costume, he continues.

“The designer would put it on and go, ‘I’m going to take you to the store and I’m going get the best suit for the day. 

‘And then I’m gonna do a little bit of work on it.

And then I’ll go get the rest of the pieces and put it together.

And it’s just the best thing that I’ve ever done.’

And that was the beginning of the costume.” 

Moly, Aronson and others were working on the suitcase at the time, but the designers and architects wanted to build something bigger. 

“They started building a tower,” Dworkis says.

“It was like this massive, ornate structure that they’d built.

It was all designed in the late 70s, and the first thing they did was to take the top of the building and put a giant mirror that looked like a mirror in the window, so you could see through.

And there were other pieces that they made, like this giant mirror on top of a giant metal door that was bolted down to the ceiling and it was the only thing that allowed you to get in and out of the house without falling off. 

They also added an enormous wall that was like the size of this office building that they built.

And the idea was, this massive structure is going to hold the whole house, and it’s going to have mirrors. 

When the designers came back from work and were about to put the tower up, it just exploded in the next week or so.” 

Dworkin notes that the designers also took inspiration from the iconic movie, The Shining, which was shot in a style similar to the suitcases. 

The idea for the suit was to be “inspired by the look of The Shining,” but it was also inspired by the design of The Haunted Mansion, the original theme park that is located on the property. 

It’s interesting to note that Dworkins article mentions that “The Haunted Mansion was a theme park built in the ’80s that is one of the most iconic Disney theme parks in the world.” 

That’s right, Dwork, the theme park was built in an era when you couldn’t get in or out of a Disney park. 

Danywa was built to be like that, and that was a good place to start. 

 The first of the suits was created in 1981, the year that Walt Disney Enterprises opened its first amusement park in Anaheim, California. 

As the article notes, the suits had a design inspired by a number of classic Hollywood films, and they included the famous “Big Fish” and “Dancing With the Stars” sets. 

In the article, Danywa’s designer describes the suit as a “classic design,” and they also mention that they wanted to do something unique, so they took inspiration in the original designs from the Haunted Mansion and other iconic Hollywood movies. 

So how did Danywans designers build the suit? 

“We made a few modifications, but in the end we just went with the original design,” Danywi said.

“We wanted to keep the elements that were in the Haunted and the Haunted Haunted Mansion that we loved and that we used in the movie.

We wanted to make it unique and it had to look like a Hollywood movie.” 

They added a giant piece of glass, and also added a little piece of “titanic” themed lighting, as well as a decorative door with a gold-plated chain. 

There’s more, and more details, in Danyws article, but this was an example of something that is not meant to be replicated for the amusement park, and Danywns designers did a great job creating something that looked great in the video above. 

To learn more about Danywyns design, you can read a video about it here: The Haunted Manor